The Oak Center General Store
67011 Highway 63
Lake City, MN 55041

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Our concert schedule runs from October through April and we pride ourselves in offering the best live music you can find in southeastern MN. The acoustics in our 100-year-old community hall are top notch, and the atmosphere leads to some great discussions and social time.

While you are here, you can enjoy organic popcorn, home-baked cookies, natural sodas, waters, coffee & beer. Before concerts and during intermission, you can shop in the Oak Center General Store to stock up on organic foods or the many other interesting and useful treasures you may find.

Please read ticket purchasing instructions at the end of this page. Save us from running to the phone!!!



We are at the Rochester Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturdays until the end of October

Please read ticket purchasing info at the bottom of this page...THANKS!!!!


in need of some


We can use help cleaning, gettin' the place lookin' nice, and doing firewood, maintenance, hanging posters, etc.! call 753-2080 or e-mail to arrange a time!!
January 2015    
Sat. Jan. 17th at 8pm

The Pines

sold out!

(please no unnecessary phone calls)

these pines made it thru christmas. they will get spruced up and play fir yew... get tickets EARLY!!!
Sat. Jan. 24th at 8pm Joe and Vicki Price blues at great PRICE's.
Sat. Jan. 31 at 8pm The Sudden Lovely's instantly? first sight? LOVE. it's a rush at any age. lovely... and music to the ears .
February   (above commentaries were written after a LARGE mug of cold press coffee on christmas day as i prepared courage/will to put on boots and head outside with chainsaw in hand...sorry, but it's been the most popular LEGAL drug in the country for years...and i NEED it!)
Sat. Feb. 7th at 8pm Sawtooth Brothers  
Sat. Feb. 14th at 8pm Radoslav Lorkovic Valentines show  
Sat. Feb. 21st at 8pm Pistol Whippin' Party Penguins  
Sun. Feb. 22nd at 3pm Bill Staines show moved to March 1st... due to confusion over when the end of February was....OOOPS!
Sat. Feb. 28th at 8pm Brian Wicklund and the Barley Jacks  
Sun. Mar. 1st at 3pm Bill Staines  
Sat. Mar. 7th at 8pm

Jillian Rae Band

Fri. Mar. 13th at 8pm Barbara Jean Meyers and band  
Sat. Mar. 14th at 8pm Barra  
Sat. Mar. 21st at 8pm Boiled in Lead  

Sun. Mar. 29th at 3pm

      Palm Sunday!

Deeeannnn Magraw

(this was originally Sat. eve...)


Palm Sunday

on this day we remember Father Paul Kabat and the Palm Sunday 'Throw out the money changers Eucharist' we held in Oak Center on Palm Sunday for many years.

Jesus throws the money changers out of the temple...boy did he get in trouble! (somebody needs to do it again tho, and throw 'em out of politics too!)

Wall St. and Wal-mart are not good measures of the health of the economy!!!!!

shop co-ops, small family businesses, fair-trade, truly ecological items, grow a garden, (you know the plan)...and boycott war mongering countries and businesses. (protest israel, zionists and US support of the imprisonment and genocide of people in palestine. If God is Love. Wouldn't it be nice if God's 'chosen' people chose God?)

April 3-5 Easter Weekend  
Fri. April 10th at 8pm Monroe Crossing  
Sat. April 11th at 8pm Steve Kaul and the Brass Kings  
Fri. April 17th at 8pm Chad Elliot  
Sat. April 18th at 8pm Switchback  
Sat. April 25th at 8pm Andra Suchy and friends  


Tickets are sold in advance at the door or through the mail, and are reasonably priced at $15 regular price to $5 low income. We accept what you are able to afford. We trust you will be fair. We take cash and checks, and your generosity makes each and every concert possible. To purchase through the mail, please make your check out to folk forum, write the number of tickets you would like, and which concert you would like to attend on the memo portion of the check. You will be entered in our guest ledger and will only need to give your name at the front counter. Purchasing tickets in advance is easy, really helps us plan for a concert by letting us know how many guests we will have, and greatly reduces lines and time at the front counter. If you are for some reason unable to make it, and we are notified early enough that we can resell your tickets, you may transfer your tickets to another show or stop in to pick up a refund.

Reservations will be taken only if there is still room 2 days before a concert. It is more difficult for us and it can be challenging running back and forth to the phone when there is so much else to do here, so please make all efforts to get your check in early. Reservations can be done over the phone if necessary or by e-mailing . Please make reservations only if you are certain you are coming and will call in the event you are not able to make it. Reservations will be held until 20 minutes prior to a sold out show when they will become available to other patrons..

We take great pride in keeping our overhead low so we can give the performers as much as possible.

Thank you for your support!